Lessons learned from our SheEO Sisters


It’s no secret that we are longtime champions of women entrepreneurs in general, with a special fondness for those who find their inspiration in the social impact realm. We were especially touched and impressed by our SheEO Radical Generosity cohort, who, chosen from among 230 companies across Canada based on their overall business merits, also happened to …

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The SheEO effect

SheEO Radical Generosity cohort Top 5 Canada 2016

“Collaboration is the new competition.” – SheEO Radical Generosity fund Top 5 cohort We have just returned from one of the most remarkable experiences in our entire Lunapads journey. In addition to being recognized as being among Canada’s most impactful women entrepreneurs, we have seen and experienced what we believe is the future of sustainable …

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Lunapads among top Canadian 5 women-led ventures for “Radical” new fund

photo (6)

Toronto ON  Vancouver-based Lunapads Ltd. has placed among the top 5 women-led ventures across Canada, receiving an undisclosed portion of $500,000 raised as part of the SheEO Radical Generosity fund. The Toronto-based fund is the brainchild of serial tech entrepreneur Vicki Saunders, who observes that a mere 4% of all venture capital goes to women-led …

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A history of pretty.

mad & friends at restaurant

Generously reposted from Textile Artist Amy Meissner’s excellent blog, Spontaneous Combustion. Madeleine’s note: There are few better ways to get to know someone than by working at their side. Amy remains one of the strongest and most talented people I have ever met (she is at left in the image, I am next to her: …

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Toronto, here we come!

shecosystem-poster (1)

We are heading off next week to Toronto – our first time there since G Day Toronto took place almost a year ago. The original inspiration was to attend a gala event celebrating the launch of the SheEO Radical Generosity fund, taking place on February 22nd: we’ll also headlining a speaking gig, just for kicks 😉 The SheEO …

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Insights from the Road

Suzanne and Madeleine in Calgary 2016

Some of our major breakthroughs and insights have happened for us – business-wise, as well as in our relationship – outside of Vancouver. Sometimes those places have been exotic and/or distant destinations like Kampala, Amsterdam and San Francisco. This time, considerably closer to home, some really great things happened in (yee haw!) Calgary, Alberta. When …

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