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Team Lunapads from Fall 2015. From left: Risa Kubota, Ashley Tay, Gonie Abella, Kitty Wong, Jennifer Lipka, Suzanne, Christa Trueman, Madeleine, Morgan Martin-Wood. Missing: Tiffany Ng and Lunapads webmaster Lisa Fabbro (photo credit).


Lunapads logoIncorporated in 2000, Lunapads is a privately held company whose mission is to create a healthier, more positive and informed relationships between individuals, their bodies and the Earth.

Our signature product line is a collection of washable pads (Lunapads) and performance underwear (Lunapanties) sold online to customers in over 40 countries and in hundreds of stores across North America. As pioneers in the reusable feminine care market, we have experienced positive annual sales growth each year, changed disposable habits, reduced waste and encouraged our customers to approach their reproductive cycles and bodies with greater pride.

starter-kit-minOur products address the need for users of feminine hygiene products to have healthy, sustainable, affordable and efficacious products. Our products and company also seeks to expose and remove the underlying culture of shame and secrecy that persist around menstruation and bladder leakage. Disposable products clog landfills; over 20 billion disposable pads, tampons and applicators are disposed of annually.

Our business creates positive impact through its products and services, business practices and leadership. Each Lunapad washable pad replaces 120 disposable pads or tampons and, because customers choose to use our products, over 2 million disposable pads and tampons are being diverted from landfills every month.906774_10151581640555839_1127044336_o (1)

In addition to being wasteful, disposable products are made with synthetic chemical ingredients, which are often responsible for a host of health issues including rashes, allergic reactions and infections. Customers who choose Lunapads due to sensitivity or adverse reactions to disposables are among our most ardent fans.

Our culture and brand message hold the values of body positivity, self-acceptance and self care at their core. By choosing natural products that mindfully acknowledge how our bodies work, one engages on a deeper level with ourselves and our connection to the Earth.

As a founding Canadian Certified B Corp, Lunapads has been rigorously evaluated on every aspect of our social and environmental impact as well as on our governance and employment practices. We are proudly local in the manufacturing of 95% of our proprietary products, and we source locally from other suppliers wherever possible.

We are also members of Climate Smart, a carbon measurement and assessment system that helps us understand and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Lunapads is a progressive employer. We offer our employees a flexible health care program and allow them to arrange their work schedule with full flexibility so they can prioritize their childcare and personal needs.

Lunapads values employee diversity, and offers as many opportunities for career learning and self expression in the workplace as possible. We are fully transparent with our employees in terms of our financial performance and encourage  their input into the operation of the business. Indeed, they are an integral reason for our success to date. In 2014, Lunapads renewed its B Corp certification and achieved a score of 119 points, one point shy of making the top 10% of all B Corps world wide who were awarded the status of “Best for The World”.

Lunapads team at Suzanne's birthday party
Celebrating Suzanne’s 50th birthday, October 2015. Madeleine, Kitty Wong, Karen Wong, Suzanne, Tiffany Ng, Morgan Martin-Wood, Christa Trueman, Jennifer Lipka, Ashley Tay. Photo Credit: Hilary Mandel

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