Suzanne Siemens Christine Kizuk
With Christine Kizuk at 2016 Kegels and Cocktails event in Vancouver!

 “Suzanne with Lunapads has been my Forum for Women Entrepreneurs mentor this past year and is amazing. Her knowledge, experience, expertise, and her willingness to share her ideas and thoughts with me has been so invaluable. She has taught me to look at things differently, aim high and all with a sense of humour and kindness that I’ve really appreciated. Whenever a tough call or question comes up with Sola Skincare, I imagine what she would say. I’ve learned so much this year, so a HUGE thank you Suzanne!”

– Christine Kizuk, Sola Skincare 

Alex Mazerolle leading a yoga session at G Day for Girls Fall 2014
Alex Mazerolle leading a yoga session at G Day for Girls Fall 2014.


“Madeleine and Suzanne really saw my strength and helped me cultivate my passions at such a young age. They believed in Girlvana Yoga from day one and have always served as brilliant examples of what true female entrepreneurship and authentic leadership looks like. I am eternally grateful for their support.”

– Alex Mazerolle, founder of Girlvana Yoga and cofounder of Distrikt Movement, Lululemon Ambassador

Lunapads founder Madeleine Shaw & Snugabell founder Wendy Armbruster Bell at Montreal Fashion Week, Fall 2013.
With Snugabell founder Wendy Armbruster Bell at Montreal Fashion Week, Fall 2013. Madeleine is wearing her fave Nicole Bridger dress!


“Madeleine and Suzanne have been the voice of reason many a time during my journey as a social entrepreneur. They are progressive thinkers, generous with their time, genuine, loyal and wise. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t recall a piece of advice, a kind gesture or simply some lovely time spent together.” 

-Wendy Armbruster Bell, Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear

“Madeleine and Suzanne have been the most generous, available, experienced, calm and wise associates for me. They are conducting business and life from a higher place and from a wider perspective. They have passion and vision AND their feet firmly on the ground. Their combined skills, their compassion and their penchant for fun make them very inspiring to be with. They walk the talk!”

– Beth McTavish, Halfmoon Yoga Products

Madeleine Shaw with Sole Girls founder Ashley Wiles - both speakers at SheTalksYVR, Spring 2015.
With Sole Girls founder Ashley Wiles – both speakers at SheTalksYVR, Spring 2015.


“Suzanne and Madeleine are a dynamic team who compliment each other in the most refreshing way.  Their mentorship has helped me not only launch a successful business but continue to challenge myself and embrace the steep learning curves with enthusiasm.

– Ashley Wiles, Founder, Sole Girls

Taryn Brumfitt Vancouver event planning team
Hatching plans to welcome Taryn Brumfitt to Vancouver with (top row) Bianca Bartz, Meredith Powell, Jeannette Bartz, Tiffany Ng and (bottom row) Erin Treloar, Samantha Skelly, Indira Muker and her Mom Kate Muker.

“Madeleine is one of those women that, when she engages with you, you’re immediately captivated. Her grace and intelligence paired with her desire for progress in the impact space creates a certain power I’ve experienced in very few people. Despite her limited bandwidth she is very open to offering laser-focused feedback that results in incredible value. The support, guidance and knowledge I’ve received from Madeleine has absolutely influenced the success of Hungry For Happiness in the past year.”

– Samantha Skelly, Founder, Hungry for Happiness

“Suzanne and Madeleine have always been very transparent and authentic about their entrepreneurial journey, providing powerful insights that provided both support and inspiration on my journey. They have demonstrated that following your heart and doing things that others may question are many times the most meaningful rewarding parts of an entrepreneur’s journey.”

– Kate Muker, Conscious Divas and katemuker.com

“Suzanne has been a wonderful mentor to me, helping me navigate the unknown (to me) territories of building a business. I admire Suzanne for her dedication to helping other small business owners, and for being such a leader in growing the local business community. She’s the type of business woman I strive to grow into, as I incorporate her suggestions and thoughts into my own practice as a small business owner. I appreciate how much of a team player she is, and how she’s so willing and eager to connect small business owners together to achieve their goals by sharing information and resources to build each other up. I can’t wait to soak up more of her knowledge as I grow my business.”

– Christine Kizik, Founder, Sola Skincare

“Madeleine and Suzanne have this ability to make you feel calm, confident, and lit up all at once and all in the first sixty seconds of meeting them. That’s a rare gift and to see their generosity of spirit, mentorship and care demonstrated so naturally gives us all permission to carry it forward and demonstrate it ourselves.”

– Theodora Lamb, Founder, Cicada Community Consulting Inc.

“The Lunagals literally changed the direction of my life. They taught me to dream beyond my experiences and inspired me to create a business where I never have to compromise my integrity and I can do good for my customers, myself and my family. Utterly extraordinary, super smart, kind and completely amazing.”

– Patrice Mousseau, Satya Organic Eczema Relief

“Madeleine is one of the most compassionate people I know, and I don’t say that lightly. She gives without hesitation in every way and has helped me in my business so many times including me and supporting me, as she saw from the beginning the value in my work. She is a true leader and teacher of the best kind. She and Suzanne complement each other in so many ways. They are the definition of synergy. Bringing two people together to create something so much greater than both of them. They are truly change makers.”

– Jane Langton, Jane Langton Adult Sexual Health

“They glow. They illuminate spaces, people and communities everywhere they go. Madeleine and Suzanne have changed the way I view social change, they’ve changed how I interact with my community and they’ve guided a piece of my personal journey in a way that I could never have anticipated or sought out on purpose. My gratitude to you both cannot be measured or expressed in words. But – In the words of my favourite broadway green witch Elphaba, know that whatever way our stories turn, you’ll (both) be with me like a handprint on my heart.”

– Madeline Ell, Madeline Ell Strategic Video + Creative Think Umbrella

Meagan Sheldon from Narrative Communications“When I first met Madeleine at the Social Venture Institute for Women she was listed as an ‘Intuitive Business Advisor’ – I didn’t know what that meant and yet I knew that I had to meet her!

We sat down over lunch and I explained to her my business, my challenges and my hopes for the future. She gave me the best gift any coach or advisor could give – she listened with compassion, sincerity and as promised, a heightened sense of intuition! She picked up on the nuances and undertones of what I was saying and reflected my vision back to me with new insights and thoughts.

Since that day, I have trusted her completely and I’ve always known I could talk to her about my fears and my goals, my needs and my offerings. She made me realize I wasn’t alone and that I had people in my corner.

Madeleine and Suzanne have both been the most amazing champions of my work. They have connected me with more passionate, enthusiastic and brilliant female entrepreneurs than I can name, and they are always looking for new ways to bring people together and build deep community.

When I think of change-makers in Vancouver, Madeleine and Suzanne jump to mind immediately. Not only are they changing an industry with Lunapads, they are changing what it means to be a leader. They lift others up whenever they can because they know that we are truly better together than we are apart.”

– Megan Sheldon, Brand Mythologist with Narrative Communications

I’ve had the pleasure many times of seeing Madeleine and Suzanne inspire audiences with passion, humour and a deeply personal approach to business leadership. They are two of the most innovative business leaders I know. They provide inspiration of how leadership can transform our communities and our lives. Lunapads supports our community by working with local manufacturers and suppliers, but also leverages its success to grow other businesses, and now with G Day – a movement to build the self esteem of girls across Canada.

– Amy Robinson, Founder and Executive Director, LOCO BC

Madeleine and Suzanne are incredible human beings. They set the bar for social entrepreneurship, and their company improves the health and well being of thousands of women. They also do amazing social impact work. Their program Pads4Girls supports menstrual health for girls in the Global South and closer to home G Day supports and educates girls as they experience puberty. Overall they are champions for women and social change, and are significant leaders in our entrepreneurial community.

– Christine Pilkington, Founder, Crisp Media Inc.