Toronto, here we come!

shecosystem-poster (1)We are heading off next week to Toronto – our first time there since G Day Toronto took place almost a year ago. The original inspiration was to attend a gala event celebrating the launch of the SheEO Radical Generosity fund, taking place on February 22nd: we’ll also headlining a speaking gig, just for kicks 😉

The SheEO fund is the brainchild of Vicki Saunders, a serial tech entrepreneur who rightfully observes that there is a dearth of funding opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Lots of us like to gripe about that sorry fact, however Vicki had a unique vision for doing something about it, and set the goal of creating a $1 million interest-free loan fund by getting 1000 women to each contribute $1,000 as “Activators“: donors whose seed contribution would get the ball rolling. Activators are more than just wallets: they also helped to evaluate the loan fund applicants, and are pledged to support the ventures through their networks.

So far, 500 donor/Activators have stepped forward, and 30 finalist ventures have been chosen from among close to 250 applicants from across Canada to receive funding. The top 5 ventures will then divide the pool of $500,000 among themselves.

Along with being among the top 30 (and maybe the top 5? fingers crossed!), Suzanne and I are also Activators. It was an amazing process, and we were deeply impressed with what we saw. Whether we make the top 5 or not, this is an amazing movement to be part of: we can’t wait to meet the other Activators next week, attend a great party and support Canadian women entrepreneurs!

Heading to Toronto also brings us the opportunity to reconnect with our G Day Toronto tribe, and G Day Community Leader Emily Antflick is generously hosting us via her latest enterprise: shecosystem, a coworking space and community hub where women can work in integrity, cultivate personal and professional wellbeing and connect with a supportive and abundant ecosystem.  We’ll be speaking on the evening of February 18th: hope to see you there!




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